Bleacher Report: Sports News App Reviews

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Once awful

This app used to be the most used on my iPhone. With each new iteration, it gets more buggy and more of a battery hog. I can put up with ads but I cant have an app running in the background, causing the phone to heat up and to use about 20% battery level in 5 minutes. Like others Id be happy to pay for the app if it meant the bugs would get worked out and Id be happy to pay a monthly charge premium for ad-free content.

Great App

I dont know why anyone would give this app a bad rating, but some did. I read it every day, both on my cell and my Mac. The scope of coverage is great and the specific articles I like are great. Its a must have, IMHO.

Each update gets worse

Cant watch videos in landscape mode. Too many glitches when clicking articles and trying to scroll. Too many ads. Too many articles that appear on the feed that have ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with my teams or sports. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that the app automatically adds streams for me-I dont want this because there are already too many irrelevant articles. Scrolling on "slideshows" gets extra glitchy. One good thing- the update that got rid of clicking through slideshows and transitioned to scrolling was a good move(much faster and efficient). Please fix bugs and dont crowd the feed.

WAS A Great App

Its a shame to see an app that was once so good and a go too somehow get worse. You would think with all the money they make from ads that they would be able to produce an app up to their old standards. I have used this app for years and used to swear by it, now it seems every time I use it, I quit because of how "crappy" or glitchy it has become. Before when you wanted news on your teams, you got it with no bull and no ads annoying the crap out of you. Now all I do is find myself complaining that this doesnt load, that doesnt load, another ad here, another there. Could the developer(s) become anymore sell-outish. I dont care what Verizon has to offer me, I dont care how much a papa johns pizza is; I want sports news and updates. I would rather pay 99 cents or whatever to get the old app and news when and where you want it back. Now I just find myself quitting the app due to having to watch 30 second ads for a 10 second highlight. Heck, I wasted enough of my time writing this review. And dont get fooled, its not like their updates really help. Yea they got rid of the crazy annoying automatic ad playing in the background but thats about it. Still just gets worse and worse each update. Guess its just too much to ask for now-a-days. Rant over.

Draining battery

Normally a fan of the app but recently its been draining my battery quickly and causing my phone to heat up. I have the iPhone 7 and havent experienced this from any other apps

Battery killer

The last update or the past couple of months, this app is just killing my battery on my 6s+. Probably all the crappy autoplay ads. Thank goodness I have unlimited data.

About to delete....

I do like this app a lot but ever since the last update it seems to drain my battery by at least 20% within a minute or two. Plus Ive noticed my phone heats up rather quickly and as I scroll up or down through the articles it seems to lag. Before this last update Ive never had a problem or issue with this app. Would be nice if you guys could address these issues and fix it. Thanks.

So slow

This app used to be great, but then came the addition of an add every paragraph. I get they need to make money but it makes trying to get through their 10,000 word articles impossible

Simple and engaging

I find the app to have plenty of user friendly components that incorporate a healthy mix of daily news and full length articles into my stream. It is easy to navigate and provides links to other sports information providing organizations for increased coverage of topics.

This app sinks every year

I used to enjoy checking this app out daily, but now it makes me feel nauseated. First of all, 95% of the push notifications I receive are click bait, celebrity gossip type nonsense OR "random player for random team slam dunked a basketball." Ohh, how intriguing! Then, when I actually receive a push notification relevant to one of the SPORTS teams I follow, I get stuck in clicking purgatory after I click the notification..."would you like to open this in the app?" Yes. "Do you have the app yet?" Well, yeah, how else would I have received this notification. Please just focus on SPORTS news that is relevant to us. No one cares about a inconsequential slam dunk in a game that means nothing to us personally.


Every time i click on the WWE tab, it gives an error. Please fix!! Been going on for about a month now.

Getting worse with each update

I used to love this app, it really had a lot of interesting articles and worked beautifully. Now its full of ads and I cant use it anymore because of the lag in scrolling. Also, Ive had my phone heat up because this app is running in the background sapping battery life. I hope it gets fixed!!

not good anymore

This use to be a good app. But now its so bogged down with adds its pretty much unusable. Locks up and freezes constantly all caused by adds.

Terrible Update

This app was great until the most recent update. It drains my battery and there is a lag in scrolling. Please fix this asap!


Cant even read "NFL NEWS" wont load, says check your wifi or internet connection. Junk!! Nothing is wrong with any other app I have or news inside the app.

Recent update

Having slow lagging issues since recent update. Also seems like when the app is open it is draining my battery and causing my phone to over heat.

TeamStream wins every time.

Love the interface, info is in-depth. Usually my first choice for sports related topics and updates.

Poor Performance

The functionality of this app is honestly garbage. Half the times you click on a link/story, it takes you to a page where the story might be ten articles down, if the story even exists. Videos dont load sometimes. Writers constantly stirring up bogus trade rumors. Searching for anything is impossible.

Too much politics

Half of the articles are political garbage. Otherwise good sports app.

No longer updates

My feed has had the same stories a couple weeks! Please fix, you guys are screwing up a good thing.

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